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April 2003

1 President's message
2 New and Recent Issues
3 Endeavour Replica Project:
Ireland Tour
UK Tour
4 The CCS in the UK
5 CCS Auction Number 15
6 Captain Cook On The Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa Coast South Of Cape Kidnappers
7 The CCS on the Web
8 For Sale and Wanted
9 Log Lines - new members, etc.
10 Cook Voyage Items at The British Library
11 Captain Cook Encyclopedia
12 Cook Books - Part 70 - review of recent books
13 William Bayly Lecture by Don Anderson
14 The Yacht James Cook
15 Help Given!
16 275th Anniversary Celebrations
17 Book leads to Talk - Leads to Display
18 Mystery Spear Exceeds Sale Expectations
19 From My Collection
20 A CCS Member Introduces Himself
21 Caption Competition
22 Why Did James Cook Quit the Merchant Navy?
23 Botany Bay To Be Redeveloped
24 Help Given!
25 Captain Cook on Display
26 Captain James Cook F.R.S.: England's Greatest Seaman - A poem
27 Help Wanted
28 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during April to June, 1778


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