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April 2002

1 President's message
2 Captain Cook Conference, Middlesbrough, UK
3 The CCS in the UK, September Meeting, 2002
4 CCS Auction Number 14
5 Things We Didn't Know About Cook
6 A Journey To Nootka Sound
7 Captain James Cook and his Russian Connection
8 The Wills of Captain Cook's Crew: William Watman
9 The Name of Banks's Greyhound
10 My Connections with the Cook Family
11 Cook Books – Part 66
12 Log Lines - new members, etc.
13 Endeavour Replica Project
Around Cape Horn
UK Tour
Whitby Guides
14 The CCS in the UK, June Gathering, 2002
15 Captain Cook Sold for Record Amount
16 Serendipity
17 A Happy Accident - And a Display of Ignorance?
18 James Cook is a Train
19 Exploring the Possible Remains of the Endeavour
20 A Portrait of Cook
21 Captain Cook For Sale
22 Another Endeavour Replica Being Built
23 Cook's Log on CD-ROM
24 James Cook on Video
25 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during April to June, 1777
26 Log Lines - subscription renewal


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