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April 2001

1 President's message
2 Log Lines - new members, etc.
3 Captain Cook's Death Commemorated in Whitby
4 The CCSU in the UK - last year's meeting
5 New and Recent Issues
6 Building the Replica of HM Sloop Resolution
7 Master of the Running Survey
8 A Pitcairn Island Book
9 Scenic Wallpapers - The Travels of Cook
10 Drake's Secret Voyage in the Pacific Northwest
11 Faces of Captain Cook: a record of the coins and medals
12 Endeavour Replica: Mornington to Portland - Part 1
13 The CCSU in New Zealand
14 Visit To Aotearoa - The Land Of The Long White Cloud
15 A Brief Visit to the UK
16 The Wills of Captain Cook's Crew: Robert Taylor
17 Purchasing Cook Books on the Internet
18 Captain Cook Avenue, Sri Lanka
19 Manuscripts and Published Work Involving William Wales
20 Exhibition on Cook and Bougainville
21 Captain Cook Commemorative Plate
22 Wanted and For Sale
23 Obituary - Ron Thiel
24 Another Endeavour Replica Being Considered
25 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during April to June, 1776


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