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April 1999

1 President's message
2 Loglines - new members, etc.
3 New and Recent Issues
4 The Resolution Trust
5 The Endeavour Replica Project:
From Atlantic to Pacific
US West Coast Tour
Members' Reports - Discovering Canada
6 The Legend of Glass House Mountains
7 A CCSU Member Introduces Himself
8 Membership Survey 1998
9 An Early Cook Admirer
10 In the Wake of Captain Cook: Newfoundland - Part 2
11 Lord Lewin - Leading Authority on Captain Cook
12 Wanted and For Sale
13 Help given
14 James Cook Klassik
15 Bits and Pieces from New Zealand
16 Dry Dock Uncovered at Whitby
17 225 Years Ago - what Furneaux was up to during April to June, 1774
18 Captain Cook on the Internet
19 Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum at Great Ayton
20 Cook's Death Commemorated in Whitby
21 Archaeologist Traces Capt. Cook's Ship
22 CCSU Auction Number 12
23 225 Years Ago - what Cook was up to during April to June, 1774


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