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April 1997

1 President's message
2 The CCSU in the UK - weekend gathering planned 9-11 May 1997 at Whitby
3 Captain Cook on the Internet - an update on what's available
4 The Ship Stamp Society - details of their activities
5 The Diary of Ralph Jackson (1736-1790)
Part II: patronage
6 The Endeavour Replica project - World tour: Australia to Britain
7 The Endeavour Replica project - World tour: the British Isles
8 A CCSU member introduces himself - Giovanni Merlo, who has made a model of the Endeavour
9 What do we know about the Endeavour? - part II
10 How much is Captain Cook worth?
11 Help given - a member answers a previous appeal for help
12 Across Siberia with Captain Cook's Legacy - part I
13 New and recent issues - stamps and an aerogramme of 1997 related to Cook
14 Joseph Banks and Friends: Plant hunting at Eton & beyond - news of a new exhibition
15 Log Lines - new members, etc.
16 Wedgwood Portrait Medallion - details of a new production
17 Paul Capper's Cook Chronology - a new version available for sale
18 Wanted and for sale - members' requests
19 Help wanted - can anyone identify two cancellations or a picture of Captain Cook?
20 The Resolution and Adventure in the Downs - details of the famous painting by Francis Edwards
21 Sale of property in Cheadle, 1791 by Sir Joseph Banks - the transcript of a document
22 Cook's statue, Whitby - a cartoon
23 The Town of Seventeen Seventy - an illustrated description of a visit there in 1996
24 225 years ago - what Cook was up to during April to June, 1772


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