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April 1996

1 President's message
2 Mr Forster - I presume?
3 225 years ago - the birth of Elizabeth Cook and the promotion of Tobias Furneaux
4 A Cook Chronology - dates from the Third Voyage
5 The story of the voyage - a talk about how voyages came to be written about
6 New and recent issues - of Cook stamps
7 225 years ago - from the newspapers of that time
8 James Cook Jnr. (1763-1794): A legacy of mystery - part 1
9 Editing Cook's Log - what the editor gets up to
10 Captain Cook on the Internet - sites to visit
11 News from New Zealand - recent activities
12 A CCSU member introduces himself
13 New Cook memorial in Whitby
14 CCSU member is awarded honour
15 The Hakluyt Society celebrates 150 years - publisher of Cook's journals
16 The Hakluyt Society and Captain Cook - how they are linked
17 Blood, Sea and Ice and disappointment - an exhibition reviewed
18 Postal auction number 11 - arrangements explained
19 Log Lines - new members, etc.
20 Cook books - part 46 - listing of recent books
21 What do we know about the Endeavour? - books and articles reviewed
22 The Endeavour Replica project
the Endeavour replica built in Australia
Tour of New Zealand
23 Captain Cook's birthday - 1995 activities in New Zealand
24 News from Australia - recent activities
25 James Cook Fellowships - New Zealand research
26 Captain Cook on the airwaves - amateur radio
27 Lost and found: Webber's portrait of Captain James Cook
28 Captain Cook plates
29 225 years ago - what Cook was up to during April to June, 1771
Updated: 30 November 1996


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