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Answers for Quiz 4


Over the years the CCS has held several quizzes through its journal, Cook's Log.
These are reproduced for you on our web site, so you can take part and test your knowledge of Captain Cook, even if the prizes have long ago been claimed!

Here is Quiz 4.
The questions originally appeared in 1987 (Vol. 10, no. 4, page 562) and the answers the following year (Vol. 11, no. 3, page 605).
Questions to this quiz

The Answers

Question number Answer
1. 50 years old.
2. George or Hugh or James or Joseph or Nathaniel.
3. Elizabeth.
4. Astronomer to observe the Transit of Venus.
5. Eagle, Friendship, Freelove, Grenville, Northumberland, Pembroke, Solebay and Three Brothers were the ones suggested by members
I'm not going to list all the other possibilities.
6. Friendly Islands.
7. Charles Clerke.
8. New Zealand (Poverty Bay, North Island).
9. John Reinhold (father), Johann George Adam (son).
10. New South Wales. At first he called it New Wales but then remembered that there was already a place with that name in Canada.


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