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Answers for Quiz 1


Over the years the CCS has held several quizzes through its journal, Cook's Log.
These are reproduced for you on our web site, so you can take part and test your knowledge of Captain Cook, even if the prizes have long ago been claimed!

Here is Quiz 1.
The questions originally appeared in 1981 (Vol. 4, no. 4, page 134) and the answers the following year (Vol. 5, no. 2, page 148).
Questions to this quiz

The Answers

Question number Answer  
1. Dominica 1979 July 16 $5.
2. HMS Royal George, off Deptford as painted by Clevely the Elder. The stamp (Cook Islands 1979 July 23) is wrongly inscribed Endeavour. The Royal George is also shown on one of the stamps in the Royal Wedding set from Paraguay. It is illustrated in the books by Warner and MacLean.  
3. The Adventure has appeared on the following 13 stamps:
Aitutaki 1979 Jly 20 75c
Aust Ant Terr 1980 May 21 $1
Cook Is 1974 Jly 22 $2.50
Cameroun 1978 Jly 26 250f
Tonga 1973 Oct 2 25s, 80s, 1p30
Congo 1979 Jan 16 350f
Tonga 1977 Sep 28 15s, 22s, 31s, 50s, 1p
4. Anders Sparrman appears on Sweden 1973 September 22 1kr.
George Forster appears on East Germany 1979 March 20 20pf.
5. Botany Bay, Australia.  
6. New Hebrides 1974 August 1 35c, i.e. the middle stamp in the illustration to question 7 (between the words "Wm Wales" and. the two tents).  
7. Capt J. Cook, Wm Wales and Wm. Hodges, as inscribed on the stamps.  
8. The answer is, surprisingly, none.  
9. Cook was not in the Endeavour in 1774 although the stamp is inscribed "Capt Cook & Endeavour 1774".
The stamp has the Dance portrait of Cook, and Resolution off Vatoa, a south-eastern islet of the Fiji group. Cook discovered it on his second voyage on 3rd July 1774 and named it Turtle Isle.
10. New South Wales 1888 October 10 4d.
11. The Hawaiians who are about to kill Cook. This painting is by John Cleveley from a drawing by his younger brother James who saw Cook die.  
12. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is shown on 1970 Apr 20 5c and 30c.
Other sorts of kangaroo appear on stamps but were probably not seen by Cook.
Rabbit Bandicoot is shown on 1961 May 3 11d (See Cook's journals by Beaglehole vol I page 307 and Banks' journals by Beaglehole volume II page 57).
Dasyure is shown on 1960 May 11 8d (see Banks volume II pages 57 and 117).
Dingo is shown on 1980 Feb 20 20c (see Cook volume I pages 307 and 367, and Banks volume II pages 86, 89 and 117).
13. It is taken from a painting by William Hodges of war canoes at Tahiti drawn up for review in rehearsal for an attack on the nearby island of Eimeo (Moorea). Cook Islands 1973 September 17 5c.  
14. St. Helena. 1976 £2  
15. Antigua 1979 Jly 2 25c - Birthplace at Marton
Antigua 1979 Jly 2 $2.50 Ms - Whitby in background
Barbuda 1979 Aug 1 25c see Antigua
Barbuda 1979 Aug 1 $2.50 Ms see Antigua
Norfolk Is 1978 Oct 27 20c - Staithes
Norfolk Is 1973 Oct 27 80c - Whitby
Togo 1979 Feb 12 60f - Freelove at Whitby
The 24s stamp of Samoa (1978 issue) is not applicable as the cottage was built after Cook had joined the Royal Navy.


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