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9 October, 1768


On 9 October, 1768, James Cook “At Noon try'd the current and found it set NNW¾W 1 Mile pr hour. The shifting of the current was confirmed by the observed Latitude”.

Joseph Banks wrote “This morn a shark calld us out of our bedds, and was soon hookd, but as soon broke his hold and went off: at noon went out in the boat but found nothing on the surface of the water; on returning home however found on the stern of the ship two new species of Lepas vittata and midas, they were both sticking to the bottom in company with the anatifera, of which there was great abundance. After dinner calld upon deck by another shark, who had been lately wounded by a harpoon, but he was two cunning after his misfortune to bite at our baits, which we much Lamented as he had sucking fish upon him that were quite white, probably a species not yet describd”.

They were the Striped Stalked Barnacle, Conchoderma virgatum, the Eared Stalked Barnacle, Conchoderma auritum, and the Goose Barnacle, Lepas anatifera.

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