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9 November, 1770


On 9 November, 1770, James Cook wrote “In the Morning hove her down again and most of the Carpenters, and Caulkers in the yard (which are not a few) were set to work upon her bottom, and at the same time a number of slaves were employ'd bailing the water out of the hold. Our people altho they attend were seldom called upon, indeed by this time we were so weake[n]d by sickness that we could not muster above 20 Men and officers that were able to do duty, so little should we have been able to have hove her down and repair'd her our selves as I at one time thought us capable of... In the PM we were obliged to right the Ship before night by reason of her makeing water in her uper works faster than we could free”.


Joseph Banks wrote nothing, possibly as he was ill.

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