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9 November, 1769


On 9 November, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 8 Mr Green and I went on Shore with our Instruments to Observe the Transit of Mercury which came on at 7h 20' 58" Apparent time and was Observed by Mr Green only. I at this time was taking the Suns Altitude in order to Asertain the time”.
Charles Green was the astronomer.


Joseph Banks wrote “At day break this morn a vast number of boats were on board almost loaded with macarel of 2 sorts, one exactly the same as is caught in England. We concluded that they had caught a large shoal and sold us the overplus what they could not consume, as they set very little value upon them. It was however a fortunate circumstance for us as by 8 O’clock the ship had more fish on board than all hands could eat in 2 or 3 days, and before night so many that every mess who could raise salt cornd as many as will last them this month or more”.

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