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225 Years Ago: October - December 1772


No one joined Endeavour on 9 June, 1768, but Matthew Burn ran from the ship.  He had joined on 1 June as an AB.

The Admiralty Minutes recorded that “proper quantities of sour Krout and Robs to be sent on board the Endeavour Bark, that trial may be made of their efficacy”.

The Secretary of the Royal Society was ordered “to write to the admiralty to acquaint their Lordships by their Secretary that the Council desire to have their Observers Conveyd to Port Royal in Georges Land [Tahiti] discovered by Mr Wallace [Wallis] in the Dolphin”.  He was also to write “the Society have appointed Mr Chs Green & Captn Cooke their Observers”, and to “request that Mr B[anks] &c may be permitted to go [on] the voyage & consequently be receivd on board the Ship [Endeavour] with their baggage”, and that “the Observers may be Landed [at Tahiti] at least a Month or Six weeks before the transit of the said Island”.  

At this point Joseph Banks was intending to take with him seven other people: Sydney Parkinson, Alexander Buchan, Herman Spöring, Peter Briscoe, James Roberts, George Dorlton and Thomas Richmond.

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