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8 talks in NZ in September about Banks and Solander


Mark Spencer will be giving the talk, "The International Legacy of Banks and Solander" at various locations to the Arts Society of New Zealand

Mark spent 12 years as a senior botany curator at the Natural History Museum, London, Mark is now a consultant forensic botanist, public speaker and occasional radio and TV presenter

He will give the talks at
Hawkes Bay on 02 September
Auckland on 04
Hamilton on 05
Wellington on 09
Nelson on 11
Marlborough on 12
Christchurch on 16
Dunedin on 18

For further information visit https://www.dfasnz.org.nz/

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My home is in Lakeside, Montana, USA. I have visited NZ dozens of occasions since 1985. I also had several homes in Whitianga, NZ from 1999 until 2015. Still continue to visit since I left my fishing boat with a very good kiwi friend. Will be returning on 7 Feb. for 5 weeks. Have followed Cook and his adventures from Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, Cape Horn, Cape Good Hope, Australia and of course Mercury Bay or Whitianga, NZ. If there is anyone in the Whitianga area from 7 Feb until 5 March, please send your message. My background is math, physics and astronomy.
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