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7 July, 1771


On 7 July, 1771, James Cook wrote “Gentle Breezes & Clear weather... At 9 AM spoke [to] a Brig from Liverpool [Lancashire] bound to Porto [Portugal] and some time after another from London bound to the Grenades, she had been three Days from Scilly [Isles off Cornwall] and reckoned her self in the Longitude of a bout 10° West, which was about 40' to the westward of what we found our selves to day by Observn. We learnt from this Vessell that no accounts had been received in England from us and that Wagers were held that we were lost, it seems highly improbable that the letters sent by the Dutch Ships from Batavia should not be come to hand, as it is now five months sence these Ships Saild from the Cape of Good Hope”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Several shearwaters and much Tapeweed [Common eelgrass, Zostera marina]; the water a little discolourd. Caught Lepas Cygnifera [possibly blue stalked barnacle, Lepas fascicularis] floating upon the water in round conjeries’s [groups], some of which were large enough to fill a mans hat”.

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