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6 October, 1769


On 6 October, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 2 PM saw land from the mast head bearing WBN, which we stood directly for, and could but just see it of the deck at sun set... At Midnight brought too, and sounded but had no ground with 170 fath”.

Joseph Banks wrote “At ½ past one a small boy who was at the mast head Calld out Land.  I was luckyly upon deck and well I was entertaind, within a few minutes the cry circulated and up came all hands, this land could not then be seen even from the tops yet few were there who did not plainly see it from the deck till it appeard that they had lookd at least 5 points wrong”.

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A year's worth of extracts can be seen at
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I would like to see James Cooks Diary entry from the 6th of October 1769
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