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6 November, 1769


On 6 November, 1769, James Cook wrote “I sent the Long-boat to Trawl in the Bay, and an officer with the Marines and a party of men to cut wood and hale the sene [haul the seine], but neither the sene nor the Trawl met with any success... got on board a Long-boat Load of water”.

Joseph Banks wrote “The bay may be a place to which parties of them often resort for the sake of shell fish which are here very plentifull; indeed where ever we went, on hills or in valleys in woods or plains, we continualy met with vast heaps of shells often many waggon loads together, some appearing to be very old; where ever these were it is more than probable that Parties of Indians had at some time or other taken up their residence, as our Indians had made much such a pile about them”.

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