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5 January, 1771


On 5 January, 1771, James Cook wrote “In the Morning the wind Veer'd to the NE which was still in our favour. At Noon Princes Island bore W½S distant 3 Leagues... At 3 oClock in the PM Anchor'd under the SE side of Princes Island in 18 fathom water, in order to recrute our wood and water and to procure refreshments for the People which are now in a much worse state of hilth then when we left Batavia. After the Ship coming to an Anchor I went a shore to look at the watering place and to speak with the Natives some of whome were upon the beach. I found the watering place convenient and the water to all appearence good provide[d] proper care was taken in the filling of it; The Natives seem'd inclined to supply us with Turtle Fowles &ca. Articles that I intended laying in as great a stock as possible for the benefit of the sick and to suffer every one to purchas what they pleased for themsilves, as I found these people as easy to Traffic with as Europeans”.<


Joseph Banks wrote “Soon after Dinner time today we anchord under Princes Island [Pulau Panaitan] and went ashore. The People who met us carried us immediately to a man whoom they told us was their king, with whoom after a few Compliments we proceeded to business, that was to settle the price of Turtle, in which we did not well agree. This however did not at all discourage us, as we doubted not but that in the morn we should have them at our own price, so we walkd a little way along shore and the Indians dispersd. One Canoe however remaind and just as we went off sold us three turtle on a promise that we should not tell the king”.

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