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4 December, 1769


On 4 December, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 4 AM sent the Long boat to the above Id for water and some hands to cut grass, and at 9 I went with the Pinnace and yawl over upon the Main [land] accompaned by Mr Banks and Dr Solander in our way we pass'd round a point of land on which stood a Heppa or fortified Village the inhabitents of which waved to us to come ashore and accordingly we land[ed], which we had no sooner done then the people came about us, with quantities of various sorts of fish which we purchass'd of them for meer trifles. After this they shew'd us the Village which was a neat compact place... At 3 oClock we returnd on board and after dinner viseted a nother part of the Bay, but met with nothing new: by the evening all our empty Casks were fill'd with water and had at the same time got on board a large quantity of Sellery which is found here in great plenty. This I still continue to be boild every morning with Oatmeal and Portable Soup for the ships companies breakfast”.


Joseph Banks wrote “After breakfast we went ashore at a large Indian fort or heppah; a great number of people immediately crouded about us and sold almost a boat load of fish in a very short time. They then went and shewd us their plantations which were very large of Yamms, Cocos, and sweet potatoes; and after having a little laught at our seine, which was a common kings seine, shewd us one of theirs which was 5 fathom deep and its lengh we could only guess, as it was not stretchd out, but it could not from its bulk be less than 4 or 500 fathom. Fishing seems to be the cheif business of this part of the countrey; about all their towns are abundance of netts laid upon small heaps like hay cocks and thatchd over and almost every house you go into has netts in it making”.

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