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30 November, 1769


On 30 November, 1769, James Cook wrote “at 4 AM hove up the Anchor in order to put to sea with a light breeze at East but it soon falling Calm obliged us to Come too again, and about Eight or 9 oClock seeing no probabillity of our geting to sea I sent the Master with two boats to sound the harbour, but before this I order'd Mathw Cox, Henry Stevens and Manl Paroyra to be punished with a dozn lashes each for leaving thier duty when a shore last night and diging up Potatoies out of one of the Plantations, the first of the three I remited back to confinement because he insisted that their was no harm in what he had done... At 3 PM the Boats having returnd from sounding, I went with them over to the south side of the Harbour and landed upon the Main, accompaned by Mr Banks and Dr Solander we met with nothing new or remarkable”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Several canoes came off to the ship very Early but sold little or nothing, indeed no merchandice that we can shew them seems to take with them. Our Island cloth which usd to be so much esteemd has now intirely lost its value: they have for some days told us that they have of it ashore and shewd us small peices in their Ears which they said was of their own manufacture, this at once accounts for their having been once so fond of it and now setting so little value upon it. Towards noon however they sold a little dryd fish for paper cheifly or very white Island Cloth”.

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