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30 May, 1770


On 30 May, 1770, James Cook wrote “the first thing I did was to get upon a pritty high hill [on Quail Island] which is at the NW entrance of the inlet before sunrise in order to take a view of the Sea coast and Islands &ca that lay off it, and to take their bearings, having the Azimuth compass with me for that that purpose... As soon as I had done here I proceeded up the Inlet... which I have named Thirsty Sound by reason we could find no fresh water”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Went again ashore in the same place as yesterday. In attempting to penetrate farther into the countrey it was necessary to pass a swamp coverd with mangrove trees; this we attempted chearfully tho the mud under them was midleg deep, yet before we had got half way over we heartily [repented of] our undertaking: so entangled were the archd branches of those trees that we were continualy stooping and often slipping off from their slimey roots on which we steppd; we resolvd however not to retreat and in about an hour accomplishd our walk of about ¼ of a mile...

The Captn and Dr Solander went today to examine the bottom of the inlet which appeard to go very far inland... At night they returnd and having found neither fresh water nor any other refreshment it was resolvd to leave this place tomorrow morn”.

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