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30 June, 1770


On 30 June, 1770, James Cook wrote “In the AM I sent [the boat] again to haul the Sain and some hands to gather greens while others were employ'd about the rigging, &ca &ca. I likewise sent some of the young gentlemen to take a Plan of the harbour and went my self upon the hill which is over the south point [Grassy Hill] to take a view of the Sea, at this time it was low-water and I saw what gave me no small uneasiness which were a Number of Sand banks or shoals laying all along the coast; the innermost lay about 3 or 4 hardly a Miles from the Shore and the outermost extend[ed] off to sea as far as I could see with my glass, some just appeard above water. The only hopes I have of getting clear of them is to the northward where there seems to be a passage for as the winds blowe constantly from the SE we shall find it difficult if not impractical, to return back to the southward... In the PM the People returnd from hauling the Sain having caught as much fish as came to 2½ pound a Man, no one on board having more than another, the few greens we got I cause[d] to be boild a mong the Pease and makes a very good mess, which together with the fish is a great refreshment to the people”.


Joseph Banks wrote “The second lieutenant [John Gore] saw 2 animals like dogs but smaller, they ran like hares and were of a straw colour. Sein caught 213 lb of Fish”.

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