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30 July, 1768


On 30 July, 1768, James Cook wrote in his journal, “took up the Kedge [anchor]… Weigh’d & made Sail down the River”.

Also that day, the Admiralty wrote to Cook with secret Instructions for the voyage to Tahiti, with additional instructions for discovery of the Southern Continent.

Also, the Admiralty Secretary wrote to Cook, “There being great reason to believe from what Dr. McBride has recommended in his book Experimental Essays on the scurvy etc. (copies enclosed) that malt made into wort may be of great benefit to seamen in scorbutic and other putrid diseases, experiments with it are to be made in the present intended voyage, and the Commissioners of the Victualling have been directed to put a quantity on board the Bark.  It is to be stowed in the Bread Room or some very dry part of the ship and the following rules as to its administration observed.
1. To be ground every day under the direction of the Surgeon-one quart malt and 3 quarts boiling water-stand for 3 or 4 hours.
2. The wort then to be boiled into a panada with sea biscuit or dried fruits.
3. The patient to make at least 2 meals a day on the said panada and drink a quart or more of the fresh infusion every 24 hours.
4. The surgeon to keep an exact account of the effects of the wort--his journal transmitted to us at the end of the voyage”.

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