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27 May, 1770


On 27 May, 1770, James Cook wrote “At 5 oClock in the AM I sent away the Master with two boats to search for a passage out between the Islands while we got the Ship under sail. As soon as it was light the Signal was made by the boats of thier having found a passage upon which we followd with the Ship. After we had got out and into deep water we hoisted in the boats and made Sail to the Northward... At Noon we were about 2 Leagues from the Mainland... the northermost point of land we had in sight bore NNW distant 10 Miles, this point I named C[ape]. Manyfold from the number of high hills over it... It lies N 26° West distant 171/3 Leagues from C. Capricorn, between them the shore forms a large bay which I call'd Keppel Bay... In this Bay is good anchorage where there is a sufficient depth of water”.

Named after Rear Admiral Augustus Keppel.


Joseph Banks wrote “The boats who sounded yesterday having brought back word that there was no passage ahead of the Ship we were obligd to return, which we did and soon fell in with the main land again which was barren to appearance; on it were some smoaks. We passd by many Islands. In the Eve the breeze was stronger than usual with Cloudy weather”.

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