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26 May, 1769


On 26 May, 1769, James Cook wrote “Some flying showers of rain. This morning we ha[u]led the Pinnace a Shore to examine her bottom and had the satisfaction to find that not one worm had touched it, notwithstanding she hath been in the water nearly as long as the Long-boat; this must be owing to the white Lead with which her bottom is painted, the Long-boats being pay'd with Varnish of Pine, for no other reason can be assign'd why the one should be preserv'd and the other distroy'd when they are both built on the same sort of wood and have been in equall use”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Mr Monkhouse who I think is rather too partial to Tubourai [Tepau i Ahurai Tamaiti] went this morn to his house intending to persuade him to come to the tents. He made many excuses, he was hungry, he must sleep, his head achd, in short he would not nor did not come”.

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