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26 May, 1768


250 years ago on 26 May, 1768, Zachary Hickes was appointed by commission as second lieutenant in Endeavour as Cook’s second-in-command.  He had passed his lieutenant’s examination in 1760, whereas Cook had passed only earlier that month.  
Zachary’s surname was usually, but not always, spelt Hicks in the journals of Cook and Banks.  The family used the spelling Hickes, and Zachary’s commission has that spelling. 

Hickes transferred from HMS Hornet.

For more information about him see two entries on the Captain Cook Society website.

1. www.captaincooksociety.com/Portals/ccs/Files/Crew/Hicks%2C%20Zachary.pdf

2. www.captaincooksociety.com/home/detail?ArticleId=1370

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