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26 March, 1770


On 26 March, 1770, James Cook wrote “At day light we saw the land bearing SEBE and an Island laying near it bearing ESE distant 5 Leagues, This I knew to be the Island seen from the Entrance of Queen Charlottes Sound... As we have now circumnavigated the whole of this Country it is time for me to think of quiting of it, but before I do this it will be necessary first to compleat our water especialy as we have on board above 30 Tuns of Casks empty and knowing that there is a bay between the above mentioned Island and Queen Charlottes Sound wherein, no doubt there is anchorage and convenient watering places, accordingly in the PM we hauled round the Island and into the bay, leaving three more Islands on our Starboard hand which lay close under the west shore 3 or 4 Miles within the entrance... At 6 oClock we anchord in a 11 fathom water a Muddy bottom under the west shore in the second Cove within the fore mentioned Islands”.

They were Stephens Island and the Rangitoto Islands. He anchored in Low Neck Bay on D’Urville Island.


Joseph Banks wrote “Light breezes and wind fair to our no small comfort. Afternoon we saw a ripple near an Island which had something the appearance of Breakers, but differd from them in the small waves breaking only without any swell or large ones. Our boat sounded upon it but could get no ground; we suppos’d it to be the effect of a strong tide such as we felt in the streights a[s] we passd them. At night came to an anchor in a Bay”.

They were Stephens Island and Low Neck Bay on D’Urville Island.

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