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25 January, 1770


On 25 January, 1770, James Cook wrote “Early in the AM the Long boat was sent again for grass, and returnd at Noon with a Load... In the PM I made a little excursion in the Pinnace along shore towards the mouth of the inlet, accompanied by Mr Banks and Dr Solander; we found in a small cove several of the Natives of whome we purchas'd a quantity of fresh fish, and upon our return to the Ship found that the Saine had been equally as successfull. which we generally haul mornings & evenings, and seldom fail of geting fish sufficient to serve all hands”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Dr Solander and myself (who have now nearly exhausted all the Plants in our neighbourhood) went today to search for Mosses and small things, in which we had great success gathering several very remarkable ones. In the evening we went out in the Pinnace and fell in with a large family of Indians, who have now begun to disperse themselves as I beleive is their custom into the different creeks and coves where fish is most plenty, a few only remaining in the Heppah or town to which they all fly in times of danger. These people came a good way to meet us at a place where we were shooting shags and invited us to the place where the rest of them were, 20 or 30 in number, men, women, children, Dogs &c. We went and were receivd with all possible demonstrations of freindship, if the numberless huggs and kisses we got from both sexes old and young in return for our ribbands and beads may be accounted such: they also sold and gave us a good many fish with which we went home well pleasd with our new acquaintance”.

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