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25 February, 1770


On 25 February, 1770, James Cook wrote “this point of land I have named Cape Saunders in Honour of Sr Charles... north of the Cape the shore seem’d to form two or three Bays wherein there appeared to be anchorage and Shelter from SW, westerly and NW winds. I had some thoughts of bearing up for one of these places in the morning when the wind came to SW, but the fear of looseing time and the desire I had of pushing to the southward in order to see as much of the coast as possible, or if this land s[h]ould prov[e] to be an Island to get round it, prevented me.  In the PM had the wind whifling all round the Compass, sometimes blowing a fresh gale and at other times almost calm. At 5 oClock it fixed at WSW and soon blowed so hard as to put us past our topsails, and to split the fore sail all to pieces: after geting another to the yard we continued standing to the southward under two Courses”.

Sir Charles Saunders was the vice-admiral commanding the fleet in the St Lawrence in 1759, in which Cook served.

Joseph Banks wrote “Wind whiffling all round the compass, at night settled at SW and blew hard”.

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