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24 June, 1768


On 24 June, 1768, James Cook wrote to the Navy Board requesting paper: Monthly Muster, Pay tickets and certificates, Articles of War, and Abstracts of Acts of Parliament.

Also this day, Daniel Solander wrote to the Trustees of the British Museum, where he worked, “having had an offer from Mr Banks to accompany him on a voyage which he is going to undertake, probably to the South Sea, to make observations in the different branches of Natural History, was very desirous to avail himself of this opportunity, both with a view of improving his knowledge; and of enriching this Museum with new Subjects; and finding by the act of Parliament, that the power of granting leave of absence, and having his place supplied by a Deputy during the absence, is vested in the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor and the Speaker of the House of Commons; he apply’d to them for Jack a leave, which they have been pleased to grant him… Dr Solander hopes that during this intending voyage, he may be of great utility to the British Museum, in collecting Natural Curiosities for that repository, from Countries that perhaps never before were investigated by any curious men”.

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