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24 August, 1769


On 24 August, 1769, James Cook wrote “At Noon took in the Topsails and got down topgallant Yards, Saw a Water spout in the NW, it was about the breadth of a Rain Bow, of a Dark Colour, the upper end of the Clowd from whence it came was about 8° above the Horizon”.

Joseph Banks wrote “The morning was calm. About 9 it began to flow fresh with rain which came on without the least warning, at the same time a water spout was seen to leward; it appeard to me so inconsiderable that had I not been shewd it I should not have particularly notic’d the apearance; it resembled a line of thick mist, as thick as a midling tree, which reachd not in a strait line almost to the waters edge and in a few minutes totaly disapeard; its distance I suppose made it appear so trifling, as the Seamen judg’d it not less than 2 or 3 miles from us”. 

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