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22 October, 1770


On 22 October, 1770, James Cook wrote “In the AM Two ships went from the Warfes at Coopers Island when we prepar'd to go along side one of them. In the PM hauld along side one of the Warfes, in order to take out our stores &ca, after which the Ship is to be deliverd into the Charge of the proper officers at Onrust, who will (as I am inform'd) heave her down and repair her with their own people only, while ours must stand and look on”.


Joseph Banks wrote “After Petitioning and Repetitioning the Council of the Indies our affairs were at last settled and orders given to heave down the Ship with all expedition, so she this Day went down to Kuyper calld by the English Coopers Island where a warehouse was allotted for her to lay up her stores &c”.


It was possibly this day that Joseph Banks wrote “Ever since our first arrival here we had been universaly told of the extreme unwholesomeness of the place which we, they said, should severely feel on account of the freshness and heal[t]hiness of our countenances. This threat however we did not much regard thinking ourselves too well season’d to variety of Climates to fear any, and trusting more than all to an invariable temperance in every thing, which we had as yet unalterably kept during our whole residence in the warm latitudes so had small reason to doubt our resolutions of keeping for the future”.

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