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22 May, 1770


On 22 May, 1770, James Cook wrote “Continued our Course a long shore at the distance of about 2 Miles off having from 12 to 9, 8 and 7 fathom water untill 5 oClock at which time we were abreast of the South point of a large open bay where in I intended to anchor, accordingly we hauld in close upon a wind and sent a boat a head to sound. After making some trips we anchor'd at 8 oClock in 5 fathom water a Sandy bottom”.


Joseph Banks wrote “In the course of the night the tide rose very considerably. In the morn we got under sail again. The land as last night fertile and well wooded; at noon the land appeard much less fertile, near the beach it was sandy and we plainly saw with our glasses that it was coverd with Palm nut trees, Pandanus Tectorius which we had not seen since we left the Islands within the tropicks. Along shore we saw 2 men walking along who took no kind of notice of us. At night we were working into a bay in which seemd to be good anchorage, where we came to an anchor resolvd to go ashore tomorrow and examine a little the produce of the countrey”.

Bustard Bay.

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