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22 January, 1770


On 22 January, 1770, James Cook wrote “I set out in the Pinnace (accompanied by Mr Banks and Dr Solander) with a view of examining the head of the Inlet, but after rowing between 4. and 5 Leagues up it and finding no probability of reaching or even seeing the end [and] the wind being againest us and the day already half spent we landed at noon on the SE side [on Arapaoa Island] in order to try to get upon one of the hills to View the Inlet from thence... I took one man with me and climed up to the top of one of the hills but when I came there I was hindred from seeing up the inlet by higher hills which I could not come at for impenetrable woods, but I was abundantly recompence'd for the trouble I had in assending the hill, for from it I saw what I took to be the Eastern Sea and a strait or passage from it into the Western Sea a little to the Eastward of the entrance of the Inlet in which we now lay with the Ship, the main land which lies on the SE side of this inlet appeared to me to be a narrow ridge of very high hills and to form a part of the SW side of the Strait. The land on the opposite side seem'd to trend away East as far as the Eye could see, to the SE appear'd as oppen sea and this I took to be the Eastern. I likewise saw some Islands [Blumine and Pickersgill] lying on the East side of the inlet which before I had taken to be a part of the Main land. As soon as I had decended the hill and we had refreshed our selves we set out in order to return to the Ship, and in our way pass'd through and examined the Harbours, Coves &ca that lay behind the Islands”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Made an excursion today in the pinnace in order to see more of the Bay. While Dr Solander and Myself were botanizing the captn went to the top of a hill and in about an hour returnd in high spirits, having seen the Eastern sea and satisfied himself of the existence of a streight communicating with it, the Idea of which had Occurd to us all from Tasmans as well as our own observations”.

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