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21 May, 1770


On 21 May, 1770, James Cook wrote “At 9 we discovered from ye Mast head land to the westward and soon after saw smooks upon it... In the PM had a gentle breeze at SE with which we stood in for the land SW untill 4 oClock when... we bore away along shore NWBW... Near the Sea the land is very low but in land are some moderatly high hills and the whole appear'd to be thickly cloathed with wood”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Land seen only from the mast head. Innumerable bobies for near 2 hours before and after Sun rise flew by the ship comeing from NNW and flying SSE, I suppose from some bird Island in that direction where they roosted last night. At 9 new land was in sight the other side of the bay which we left last night; as we aproachd it the depth of water gradualy decreasd to 9 fathom. At 4 in the evening the land appeard very low but coverd with fine wood; on it were many very large Smoaks several of which were seen before we could see the land itself. At night water still shoal, land low and well wooded, fertile to appearance as any thing we have seen upon this coast. At 8 came to an anchor till morn”.

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