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20 July, 1768

On 20 July, 1768, Michael Littleboy joined Endeavour as AB, and George Nowell (Knowel) as Carpenter's crew. 
The Admiralty wrote to Navy Board, “A third lieutenant, with servant, is to be added to the Endeavour's complement”. 
Cook wrote to the Admiralty Secretary, “I have provided my self with Mathematical Instruments and Stationery, and have here inclosed an account of the Expence thereof; which please to lay before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and move them to order me to be paid”.
The minutes of the Admiralty recorded, “The Council of the Royal Society having represented to the Board that they have appointed Mr Chas. Green, in conjunction with Lieut. Cook, to be their observers of the passage of Venus, and requested that the said Mr Green, together with Joseph Banks esq., a Fellow of that Society, be received with their servants and baggage on board the said Bark; resolved that orders be given accordingly and that they be victualled as her Company, on a supernumerary List, during their continuance on board.”
In the newspapers of 20 July and after more detail appeared. 
The Endeavour Bark, of which Mr. James Cook is appointed Lieutenant and Commander, bound to the South Sea, under the Direction of the Royal Society, is fallen down to Blackwall, and will sail in about a Fortnight. - Banks, Esq; a Gentleman of a considerable Fortune, and several other Gentlemen skilled in Astronomy, Botany, and Natural History, are going out on the said Bark."
At least one newspaper prefaced this item with the information that 'Mr. John Gore, who served as Midshipman of the Dolphin Man of War, under Commodore Byron, in her first Voyage round the World, and as Mate and Pilot of that Ship, under Capt. Wallis, in her second voyage, is promoted by the Lords of the Admiralty to be third Lieutenant of the Endeavour bark:
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