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2 October, 1769


On 2 October, 1769, James Cook wrote “had a Boat in the water, and Mr Banks shot an Albetross which measur'd 10 feet 8 Inches from the tip of one wing to the other; he likewise shot two Birds that were very much like ducks excepting their heads and bills, their Plumage were dark brown”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Calm: I go in the boat and take up Dagysa rostrata, Serena, polyedra, Beroe incrassata, coarctata, medusa vitrea, Phyllodoce velella, with several other things which are all put in spirits. See a seal but cannot come near him to shoot. Shoot Diomedea exulans, Procellaria velox, pallipes, Latirostris, longipes and Nectris fuliginosa”.

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