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2 June, 1770


On 2 June, 1770, James Cook wrote “In steering along shore between the Island and the Main at the distance of 2 Leagues from the latter and 3 or 4 from the former, our sounding were regular from 12 to 9 fathom but about a 11 oClock we were again embarrased with Shoal water but got clear without leting go an Anchor, we had at one time not quite 3 fathom... At Noon we were about 2 Leagues from the Main land... A pretty high Promontary... I named Cape Hillsborough...  In the PM we steer'd along shore NW½W at the distance of two Leagues from the Main having 9 and 10 fathom water regular soundings... at 8 oClock came too an Anchor in 10 fathom a muddy bottom”.

Wills Hill, 1st Viscount Hillsborough, was secretary of state for the colonies.


Joseph Banks wrote “Sailing along shore with fine weather, the countrey hilly and ill wooded. Some Islands were still in sight ahead of us; at noon the irregularity of the soundings made it necessary to send the boat ahead again. In the evening the countrey was moderately hilly and seemd green and pleasant; one smoak was seen upon it. At night we anchord, several large Islands being without us”.

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