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2 December, 1769


On 2 December, 1769, James Cook wrote “Between 12 and 4 AM the Gunner [Stephen Forwood] having the Charge of the watch, he together with Alexr Simpson, Richd Littleboy and [Thomas Rossiter] found means to take, took out of the Spirit Cask on the quarter deck between 10 and 12 Gallons of Rum being the whole that was in the Cask they were caught in the very fact and part of the Rum was found in the Gunners Cabbin. The three men I punished with 12 lashes each, but as to the Gunner who really deserved the whole upon his back is from his Drunkenness become the only useless person on board the Ship... At 8 AM hoisted out the Long-boat and set her a Shore for water and the Pinnace to haul the Seine; but they had not got well a Shore before it began to blow and rain very hard; this occasioned them to return on board with one turn of water and but a very few fish”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Boats went ashore on the Island again. I do not know what tempted Dr Solander and myself to go there where we almost knew nothing was to be got but wet skins, which we had very sufficiently for it raind all the time we were ashore as hard as I ever saw it”.

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