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18 October, 1770


On 18 October, 1770, James Cook wrote “At Day light in the A.M. took up our Anchor and Run down to Onrust. At 9 Anchord in 8 fathom off Coopers Island [Kuyper] which lies close to Onrust, there are Warfes at both of these Islands and ships land there stores some times on the one and some-times on the other, but it is only at Onrust where the proper conveniences are for heaving down. Soon after we Anchord I went ashore to the officers of the Yard to see if they could not allow us some place to land our stores but this could not be granted without orders. In the PM I sent a petty officer to Mr Hicks, who lodges ashore at Batavia for the recovery of his hilth, with orders to desire him to wait upon the Shabandar in order to get the necessary orders respecting us, despatch'd to this place as soon as possible”.


It was possibly this day that Joseph Banks wrote “One of Tupia’s first observations was the various dresses which he saw worn by different people; on his being told that in this place every different nation wore their own countrey dress He desird to have his, on which South Sea cloth was sent for on board and he cloathd himself according to his taste. We were now able to get food for him similar to that of his own countrey and he grew visibly better every day, so that I doubted not in the least of his perfect recovery as our stay at this place was not likely to be very short.

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