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18 November, 1769


On 18 November, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 6 we pass[ed] a small Bay [named Port Charles on his chart] wherein there appear'd to Anchorage and pretty good shelter from the sea winds... 4 Miles farther to the west N. West is a very conspicuous promontory or Point of land... From this point the land trends W½ S, near one League then SSE as far as we could see... we hauled round the point and Steer'd to the Southward”.
The promontory he later named as Cape Colville, after Alexander Colville, Lord Colville of Culross, who was the Rear-Admiral under whom Cook had served in Newfoundland.

Joseph Banks wrote “Fine weather and Fair wind today repayd us for yesterdays Tossing... we saw canoes put off almost at the same time from several different places and come towards us... Tupia who I beleive guessd that they were coming to attack us immediately went upon the poop and talkd to them a good deal, telling them what if they provokd us we should do and how easily we could in a moment destroy them all. They answerd him in their usual cant ‘come ashore only and we will kill you all’. Well, said Tupia, but while we are at sea you have no manner of Business with us, the Sea is our property as much as yours. Such reasoning from an Indian who had not had the smallest hint from any of us surprizd me much and the more as these were sentiments I never had before heard him give a hint about in his own case”.

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