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18 April, 1769


On 18 April, 1769, James Cook “took as many people out of the Ship as could possibly be spar’d and set about Erect­ing a Fort, some were employ’d in troughing up [i.e. throwing up] intrenchments while others was cutting faccines Pickets &ca.  The natives were so far from hindering us that several of them assisted in bring[ing] the Pickets and Faccines out of the woods and seem’d quite unconcern’d at what we were about, the wood we made use on for this occation we purchased of them and we cut no tree down before we had first obtain’d their consent.  By this time all the Ships sails were unbent and the Armourers Forge set up to repair the Iron work &ca”.  

Joseph Banks wrote “The ground we have pitchd upon is very sandy which makes it nescessary to support it with wood...  Three sides of our fort are to be thus guarded the other is bounded by a river on the banks of which water cask[s] are to be placd.  My tents were got up before night and I sept ashore in them for the first time.  The lines were guarded round by many Sentries but no Indian atempted to come near them during the whole night”.

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