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17 September, 1768


On 17 September, 1768, James Cook wrote from Funchal to the Admiralty Secretary, “Please to acquaint My Lords Comissrs of the Admiralty of the arrival of His Majestys Bark Endeavour under my command at this place on the 13th Inst: and that having taken on board as much wine as the Ship can conveniently stow and compleated our water shall put to sea again tomorrow”.
This letter was received on 28 October.

Cook also wrote to Victualling Board, “I have this day drawn upon you in favour of Messrs Scott, Pringle, Cheap & Co for the sum of Forty two pounds, seventeen shillings & ten pence sterling being for the Purchase of 1228½ pounds of Fresh Beef & 3845 pounds of Onions for the use of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour under my command; as the Dolphin had of both these Articles at this place in her two late Voyages [captained by Anson and Wallis], I judged it necessary to allow this Vessel the same Indulgence.  I have also this day drawn on you for Four Pound and three Pence Sterling for Eighteen & ¼ Tons of Water purchased at this place to compleat her for Sea, which I hope will meet with your approbation”.
This letter was received on 29 October.

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