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16 January, 1770


On 16 January, 1770, James Cook wrote “AM Careend the Ship scrub'd and pay'd the Larboard side. Several of the Natives Visited us this morning and brought with them some stinking fish which how ever I order'd to be bought up in order to incourage them in this kind of trafick, but trade at this time seem'd [not] to be their object, but were more inclineable to quarrel and as the Ship was upon the careen I thought they might give us some trouble and perhaps hurt some of our people that were in the boats along side; for this reason I fire'd some small Shott at one of the first offenders, this made them keep at a proper distance while they stayd which was not long before they all went away... PM righted the Ship and got ready for heeling out the other side, and in the evening hauled the Saine and caught a few fish, while this was doing some of us went in the Pinnace into a nother Cove not far from where the Ship lays”.


Joseph Banks wrote “At day break this morn 3 Canoes and about 100 Indians came to the ship bringing their women with them, a sign tho not a sure one of peacable inclinations. Soon after our longboat put off from the ship with Cask in her. they atempted to follow her, on which a musquet loaded with small shot was fird at them which made them immediately return, tho as they were full 100 yards from the ship it is improbable that blood was drawn from any of them. They had in their canoes some fish which they offerd to sell and we to buy, so a man in a small boat was dispatchd among them to trade; he bought several bundles which they sold very fairly when one Indian seeing his opportunity snatchd at the trade which he had in his hand, but missing immediately put himself in a posture of defence flourishing his patoo-patoo as if he meant to strike. A musquet load of small shot was fird at him [by Cook] a few of which struck his knee, the rest missd him, on which they all left of to trade but paddled peaceably enough round the ship and at last came under the stern to Tupia and discoursd with him about their antiquity and Legends of their ancestors. The women in these canoes and some of the men had a peice of Dress which we had not before seen - a bunch of black feathers made round and tied upon the top of their heads which it intirely coverd, making them look twice as large as they realy were”.

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