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15 October, 1769


On 15 October, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 8 AM being a breast of the SW Point of the Bay, some fishing boats came off to us... one of the fishing boat came along side and offer'd us some more fish, the Indian Boy Tiata, Tupia's servant being over the side, they seized hold of him, pulld him into the boat and endeavourd to carry him off, this obliged us to fire upon them which gave the Boy an oppertunity to jump over board and we brought the Ship too, lower'd a boat into the Water and took him up unhurt. Two or Three paid for this daring attempt with the loss of their lives and many more would have suffered had it [not] been for fear of killing the boy. This affair occation'd my giveing this point of Land the name of Cape Kidnappers: it is remarkable on account of two white rocks in form of Hay Stacks Standing very near it... a large Bay wherein we have been for these 3 Days past; this Bay I have name'd Hawke's Bay, in Honour of Sr Edward first Lord of the Admiralty”.
When Endeavour had left England, Admiral Sir Edward Hawke was First Sea Lord.  Hawke was replaced on 12 January 1771, by John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich.

Joseph Banks wrote “several canoes came of with netts and other fishing implements in them; they came along side with a little invitation and offerd to trade, we gave them Otahite cloth for their fish which they were excessively fond of, often snatching it from one another. With us they dealt tolerably fairly tho they sometimes cheated us by bargaining for one thing and sending up another when they had got their prise... The little Tayeto, Tupias boy, was employd with several more to stand over the side and reach up what was bought: while he was doing this one of the men in a canoe seizd him and draggd him down, 2 then held him in the fore part of the Canoe and three more in her paddled off as did all the other boats. The marines were in arms upon deck, they were orderd to fire into the Canoe which they did; at lengh one man dropd, the others on seeing this loosd the boy who immediately leapd into the water and swam towards the ship; the large boat on this returnd towards him but on some musquets and a great gun being fird at them left off the chase. Our boat was lowerd down and took up the boy frigh[t]ned enough but not at all hurt... From this daring attempt the point was calld Cape Kidnappers”.

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