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15 May, 1769


On 15 May, 1769, James Cook wrote “Last Night one of our Water casks was taken away from the out side of the Fort where they stood full of water; in the Morning there was not one of the Natives but what knew it was gone, yet contrary to what we had always met with on these occasions, not one of them would give us any information about it, and I thought it of too little consequence to take any methods to oblige them”.

Joseph Banks wrote “In the course of last night one of the Indians was clever enough to steal an Iron bound cask; it was indeed without the fort but so immediately under the eye of the Sentry that we could hardly beleive the possibility of such a thing having [happened] when we lookd at the place. The Indians however acknowledg’d it and seemd inclind to give intelligence, in consequence of which I set off in pursuit of it and tracd it to a part of the bay where they told me it had been put into a canoe. The thing was not of consequence enough to pursue with any great spirit so I returnd home”.

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