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15 June, 1769


On 15 June, 1769, James Cook wrote “We have been employ'd for some days past in overhauling all the Sea provisions, and stowing such as we found in a state of decay to hand in order to be first expended but having the people divided between the Ship and the Shore this Work as well as refiting the Ship goes but slowly on”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Some few presents today but no trade at all. We found ourselves today involvd in an unexpected dificulty with regard to the boats: they were loaded with provisions which their owners must live upon or starve, in consequence of which they ask leave to go and take them out and are allowd to do so as much as they can eat. We are not able however to distinguish the true owners, so many avail themselves of this indulgence by stealing their neighbours which we cannot prevent, indeed in a few days more the whole consisting cheifly of fish (cur[e]d to keep about that time) will be spoild”.

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