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15 June, 1768


On 15 June, 1768, James Cook at Deptford, recorded in his journal, “recd onbd Boatswns & Carptr Stores & a Spare Anchor, which we stow’d in the Hold”.

Also this day 250 years ago, the Victualling Board ordered the following provisions to be sent to Endeavour:
21,226 pounds of bread in bags
13,440 pounds of bread in butts
9,000 pounds of flour
7,860 pounds of sour krout
6,000 pieces of pork
4,000 pieces of beef
1,600 gallons of spirits
1,200 gallons of beer
2,500 pounds of raisins
1,500 pounds of sugar
800 pounds of suet
160 pounds of mustard seed
187 bushells of pease
40 bushells of malt
20 bushells of salt
10 bushells of oatmeal
120 bushells of wheat
500 gallons of vinegar
120 gallons of oil

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