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14 May, 1770


On 14 May, 1770, James Cook wrote “At 5 AM the wind veer'd to north and blow'd a fresh breeze attended with squals and dark clowdy weather. At 8 oClock it began to Thunder and rain which lasted about an hour and then fell calm which gave us an oppertunity to sound... After this we got the wind southerly a fresh breeze and fair weather and we tur[n]d NBW for the northermost land we had in sight... in the PM had some heavy squals attended with Rain and hail which oblig'd us to close reef our Topsails. Between 2 and 4 we had some small rocky Islands between us and the land”.

The Solitary Islands.


Joseph Banks wrote “For these three nights last much lightning has been seen to the Eastward. Early in the morn it was calm and some few fish were caught; after the weather became squally. The wind however after some time settled at South, the briskest breeze I think that the Endeavour has gone before during the voyage. In the afternoon the land was rather more hilly than it has been. Several fires were seen and one high up on a hill side 6 or 7 miles at least from the beach”.

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