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14 July, 1770


On 14 July, 1770, James Cook wrote “In the AM employd geting on board stone ballast and airing the Spare sails.  Mr Gore being in the Country shott one of the Animals before spoke of, it was a small one of the sort weighing only 28 pound clear of the entrails. The head neck and shoulders of this Animal was very small in proportion to the other parts; the tail was nearly as long as the body, thick next the rump and tapering towards the end; the fore legs were 8 Inch long and the hind 22, its progression is by hoping or Jumping 7 or 8 feet at each hop upon its hind legs only, for in this it makes no use of the fore, which seem to be only design'd for scratching in the ground &ca. The Skin is cover'd with a short hairy fur of a dark Mouse or Grey Colour. Excepting the head and ears which I thought was something like a Hare's, it bears no sort of resemblance to any European animal I ever saw, it is said to bear much resemblance to the Gerbua excepting in size, the Gerbua being no larger than a common rat... In the PM got on board the spare sails and sundry other Articles”. 


Joseph Banks wrote “Our second lieutenant [John Gore] who was a shooting today had the good fortune to kill the animal [kangaroo] that had so long been the subject of our speculations. To compare it to any European animal would be impossible as it has not the least resemblance of any one I have seen. Its fore legs are extreemly short and of no use to it in walking, its hind again as disproportionaly long; with these it hops 7 or 8 feet at each hop in the same manner as the Gerbua, to which animal indeed it bears much resemblance except in Size, this being in weight 38 lb and the Gerbua no larger than a common rat”.

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