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14 July, 1769


On 14 July, 1769, James Cook wrote “Punished the two Marines, who attempted to desert us at Georges Island [Tahiti], with 2 Dozn lashes each and then released them from confinement”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Before Noon today two Islands are in sight which Tupia calls Huahine and Ulhietea, both of them make high and large”.

Ulhietea is now known as Raiatea.


Now Endeavour was at sea, Cook changed the way he wrote up his journal, reverting back to the method he had used before arriving at Tahiti, as “The way of reckoning the Day in Sea Journals is from Noon to Noon”.  Thus, in his journals the afternoon events appear before the morning events.  Banks continued to record everything “according to the civil account, that is to begin and end at midnight”.

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